L'Oreal Gold Mirage Chameleon Quartz Shade Shifting Eyeliner - CHOICE OF SHADES

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Let your eyes undergo a unique transformation with the Gold Mirage Duo eyeliner from L'Oréal Paris. The Gold Mirage eyeliner is inspired by precious minerals. Create a trendy eye look with the two-step liquid eye liner and blue eye liner. The eyeliner gives you a trendy metallic look where you can play with the colors of the earth. The thin eyeliner brush gives the possibility to set precise lines to create every eyeliner look. The Gold Mirage makeup collection is inspired by the natural colors of the earth. Sun, sand and golden hour come together with volcanic quartz stones & terracotta textures to create the most elegant, nude monochromatic looks. The collection therefore has warm, radiant finishes for a nude look. Embrace the golden illusion of the Gold Mirage collection.


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